Laravel PHP Symfony

Symfony Components Used in Laravel

Lets discuss the Symfony components used by Laravel framework :

1) Symfony Debug
2) Symfony Console
3) Symfony Router
4) Symfony HTTP


Must know JS concepts for advancing skills

Here are some of the key concepts one must learn in order to become an advanced JS Developer.

1) Async / Await
2) Closures
3) Inheritance
4) ES6 Features (Arrow functions, Classes, Spread operator, Promises)
5) Event Handling
6) DOM Traversal and Manipulation
7) Event Bubbling and Event Handling
8) Design Patterns (Module Pattern, Singleton etc)

Issues Magento

Issues faced during Magento2 Project

Recently I was giving a try for Magento2 on an ecommerce project. Here are some of the most common issues I faced.

1)Website appears broken (Only hyperlinks visible)
2)Images not loading (Slider, Product Images)
3)From backend admin portal, product images not getting loaded.
4)Product images appearing very small in size
5)Products not appearing during search in website, even after adding it from the admin end.
6)How to disable captcha